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Mobile Experience

Our application development company has deep knowledge and experience in building software, and we are willing to offer products that meet the needs of your company, be it a big enterprise or a young local startup. Our qualified smartphone application developers work with customers to create great mobile software that delivers value to your business and delivers value to your business. Our deep understanding of mobile networks and technologies allows us to create high-quality products that exceed our competitors.

  • IOS application development. The creation of apps for iOS-based devices is a complex task for IT professionals to increase sales to the detriment of the public for the services of the App Store. Our customers' mobile apps are very popular with iPhone and iPad users.
  • Android app. Android software development is a competitive analysis of Google Play, prototyping, mobile design and programming code, test and product launch process.
  • Web application development. The development of professional websites for smartphones is the business complexity of any complexity. Create portals, online stores, e-showrooms and other information resources on the internet and pay online with mobile devices.

What is the key to a smartphone application?

The ultimate goal of application development is to create a positive image because of the increased business benefits of the software as it is spread across the Internet with the following benefits:

  • Loyalty increased
  • Efficiency growth
  • Work Optimization
  • New customer involvement
  • Automation of business processes
  • Management System Update

Developing smartphone apps: the process you should

As a specialist who has proven the time he has provided hundreds of smartphone and tablet solutions in the digital arena, we would like to share with you some of the highlights you should know before starting your smartphone. It all starts with a simple idea. But to achieve this idea, you must go through many problems.

Our experience speaks for itself

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As we have already said, every development process begins with a good idea. But once Eureka is gone, it's time to think seriously and make the right decision. You should be prepared to create a digital solution that is intuitive and attractive to the user as a real problem. In addition, it should also provide a positive experience for most smartphone users. To choose, your program must reach the multifunctional, efficient and high quality apps available in the digital market, but also with unique features.

Is it easy to develop apps?

The software development process includes many phases of planning to design screens and optimize user interfaces. Do all the steps, you should want to simple, disable unnecessary functions and maintenance. The week may be asked to develop a simple icon, but if you do this qualitative work, your efforts and investments will be rewarded. So if, after all, you still want to get into the incredible world of software development, here are a few things you should know.

Coding skills

Your team should have at least one person who is proficient in the field of IT. Software development is a difficult process and requires skills and knowledge from a large number of different programming languages, frameworks, design tools, and other technologies. Of course, you can learn the basics of coding, but it takes time. Smartphone apps are a combination of various compounds and you should ensure that each component works seamlessly and connects to another. Graphics are another important aspect, so you will need a special level designer on your team, and you can create different sounds if you want to create a game. Also keep in mind that it is important not only to know the technology, but also to be creative. If you want to make the product popular, these two qualities are essential.

Platform selection

The first question that can arise when starting the mobile software project is the choice of the mobile platform. As an experienced professional developer, we recommend you start with iOS because this smartphone operating system is more secure and stable, supporting only iPhone and iPad devices, as opposed to hundreds of devices like Android. Create your iOS app so you can verify that everything works with the help of a single device and then continue with Android development when you stop polishing your app for iOS.

What should mobile solutions do?

It depends on the software type you want to create: push notifications, user logins, games, e-commerce tools, integration of payment service providers, media resources, productivity tools and more. Most applications now integrate social media channels, allowing information to be shared and sent to friends, so be sure to include that feature in your software specifications.

What is the most difficult part of development?

We asked the developers this question, they think that the error of the beginning developers is the lack of attention to UI projects and the lack of quality control procedures. In our development company we redesign programs for Android and iOS, and realize that the number of users and the time spent on the programs began to grow. To force customers to use your application, make sure it is attractive and attractive, running and stable under the peak of traffic pressure.

Never stop updating

You should have your application ready to enter the market and much more work to do. Now it's time to analyze what users like and how to disable them and use analytical tools to improve the functionality of the application, so that it is not late in recent trends, correct errors and occasionally trivial errors. We recommend that you regularly check the software store, see their categories and the most popular apps of their competitors. Do your best to reach its peak. Trends have changed, for example, when iOS was first released, there was a trend for the original graphics. Now, graphically minimalist. Then ready to go on.

Mistakes to avoid

A common mistake often made by many business owners due to the lack of experience in application development is to devote large sums of money to top-of-the-line solutions that have unparalleled capabilities for a large number of unmanned apps. It is always best practice to get started with MVP, the most feasible product possible, and then to the needs of business and the business environment. With MVP, you can see if your product meets your requirements and if your customers are willing to pay for it, as well as get feedback and determine which direction to go.

Why is iOS so good for beginners?

Our experts believe that iOS is a great option for amateurs. A simple interface makes it easy for new developers to understand. IOS can only control two Apple devices, iPhone and iPad, which is another advantage of this operating system. Apple provides developers with simple, convenient use of the environment. Availability of iOS development tools is one of the main reasons why almost all apps start on iOS and are therefore built for Android and other platforms.

Application testing

The test is one of the most critical phases in the development of smartphone apps and should not be ignored. Before you start your product and test it with real users, you must perform rigorous testing using a simulator that allows you to inspect software on different smartphone devices without physical access.

  • Android SDK Simulator - The official emulator for the Android platform that reflects all device features and hardware (except phones).
  • Google Android Simulator - You can configure this simulator as a simple desktop application without having to load the full Android SDK, which may require a lot of time and memory space. This emulator is for Android apps.
  • MobiOne is an integrated web design environment for Windows smartphones that allows you to program, test, deploy and install applications on devices with different platforms such as iOS, Android and Blackberry.
  • iPhoney - a web browser environment simulator operated by Safari. This is useful if you are developing a website and need to examine how it looks and feels on the iPhone. This is not an iPhone simulator, but it is still a useful tool for web development experts who want to check websites on their smartphones. It supports the latest version of iOS.
  • TestiPhone is another web browser emulator for the iPhone smartphone web application. Tools can use IE, Firefox and Safari.
  • Windows UI Automation - If you are testing applications that use Microsoft UI Automation technology, you must ensure that Windows Automation API 3.0 is installed on your computer. It is preinstalled on Windows 7 and later systems. If you use other systems, you can download it from the official Microsoft website.

Please note details

The last, but not the least thing to avoid when planning an application. Undoubtedly, apps make life easier, allowing us to create shopping lists in progress, add events to our calendars, watch movies while traveling to work or talking to friends. However, there are many things that irritate us about smartphone programs, sometimes forcing us to exclude certain applications. Our experts consider the list of most popular smartphone software users:

  • Many emails
  • Persuasive warning is pressed
  • When the software is not updated, the error is still uncertain
  • Apps are frequently requested
  • Facebook authorization required when you do not need the features
  • Full screen ad
  • Non-optimized content, especially text

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