Recent Projects

Our portfolio contains hundreds of successful development projects, but we can not demonstrate them all due to NDAs we signed with our clients. Have a look at some of our recent projects.



Bespoke price calculator

Working with a cloud server provider, our team had the task to develop a bespoke calculator that could estimate a personalised cost of our customer services based on the user’s requirements. Our team has integrated custom calculation parameters, such as quantity, OS, RAM, block storage, backups and managed services. This web application enables users to add a “cloud server” and customise it to their particular needs improving the user experience.


Blood Tracker

Blood sugar level tracking tool

This application was developed for people with different types of diabetes and aimed at helping them daily monitor their conditions by reminding to measure blood glucose level. It also provides lots of useful information concerning appropriate medicine and nutrition and helps users to define their diabetes type. Besides, users can view their data dynamically in the form of graphs so that users could set personal goals and monitor their success. The program is available for both Android and iOS devices.



Responsive e-commerce website

Our customer, an interior & exterior design, and decoration company, approached us to rebuild their website enabling online shopping and improving the user experience. Our team successfully delivered new web interface layout empowering site administrators to change the content such as photos, description, prices and promotion. Users can view the catalogue in an intuitive way and add their favourite pieces of furniture and decorative items to their cart and make orders after authorisation.



Professional training web application

The program provides educational material to non-profit boards for professional development. Its structured learning mechanism educates users about specific topics with the help of the integrated library of educational resources which includes educational libraries, reports, and video-streaming courses. Besides, the program tracks users’ successes and level of interaction with the application gaining the insight into users’ behaviour and growing strategically.



Tram notification system

The application’s main purpose is to notify users about trams arrivals or delays. The notification management system was integrated with the existing public transport tracking application. It quickly and easily creates and sends custom notifications within the tram tracking mobile application, analyses the tram network monitoring and identifying the disruption areas of the network, and provides up-to-date information to the public.



Information system for an airline company

Working with an airline company, we were asked to utilise the personal media to improve customers’ travel experience and some organisational aspects integrating a mobile solution into their workflow. With the help of naive application, our team has driven key performance indicators transforming mobile technologies into customer-centric airport application which provides users with all relevant information and inform about any changes in the schedule.