iOS App Development: Make the most of all the benefits

Our app development company is a leading developer of iOS based software.

More than 150 developers are experienced and creative professionals dedicated to providing secure, scalable and efficient IT solutions.

What do we do?

We use state-of-the-art technology and proven methods to provide the best quality service. We believe that our company can be a reliable long-term technology partner for you. Our team is designed to understand your business and deep issues and to create the best software products.

Our iOS app development services embrace everything you need to create your SRS based on your initial ideas for future products:

  • Business analysis and creation of mobile strategy
  • Programming and development
  • Technical support and consultation
  • Quality assurance and app launch

Our in-house professional development team from iOS serves international and regional companies that specialize in digital solutions management. The developers of our company know exactly how to take advantage of all the new options offered by Apple. Each OS update provides new functions on a smart device and allows us to use the latest technology to solve the most complex issues.

iOS development

Our digital specialists create iOS software that focuses on the following areas: Government and business digital solutions, Social networking apps, Transportation and logistics, Health and educational programs, Intranet, enterprise portals and complex integrated systems:

  • Enterprise mobile app
  • Redesign and usability testing
  • E-commerce
  • App Store Optimization

Our outstanding software developers have created state-of-the-art iOS-based apps that are recognized by the App Store and offer their customers an impressive user experience. Our team is always focused on recent trends in the mobile industry, implementing state-of-the-art technology in stylish designs that ensure the power and appearance of your iOS product. Developing custom apps for iOS will help you improve performance and expand your customer base.

Custom iOS application development

Custom development of iOS apps is a software product designed for certain requirements. Our software developers create iOS programs for other companies to help them overcome problems and help improve mobility and upgrade. Each business is unique and requires a unique solution. The experienced team has partnered with various industries and will help you find an exclusive decision on any problem. The real focus of development is you and your customers, our goal is to meet the requirements and provide high quality apps that give you and your employees the opportunity to do business as efficiently as possible.

iPhone Eye Candy application to Promote Your Business

With the professional iOS development services, your application can become the affable mobile rep of a company. The designer adjusts and customizes the software to reflect branding identity data among users. While iOS developers create powerful features behind the scenes, letting the product perform the main tasks you need to do:

  • Keep in touch with customers 24/7
  • Show the customer your estimated customer
  • Rely on relevant and protected content
  • Sales report, limited promotions and other updates for loyal customers
  • Publicize the brand, creating a star reputation
  • Provide specific audiences with a compelling look and stability that changes the average user of a loyal user

Our experience speaks for itself

  • AMD
  • intel
  • PlayStation

Mobile Marketing

Statistics show that only 1% of publishers get full profits from the App Store, almost 75% of users refuse to apply after first use. The product should attract consumers, provide a wide range of features and be able to exit other available programs if you want it to work for the success of your business. The development and marketing services, as well as mobile optimization, ensure that the application will work among the most popular products on the market.

App Store Optimization

Mobile marketing strategy occurs in any software development process with the primary goal of making the product visible to users. We have a deep knowledge and experience in App Store Optimization and we can push the product to the top. The sales specialists streamline search engine descriptions and use other efficient strategies to increase their visibility.

Smart Apps for iPad

The iOS development is designed to create excellent iPad tools to upgrade your business, optimize your internal processes and perform complex calculations, messaging and data processing.

  • Automate simple but time-consuming transactions
  • Remote control of the object to resolve the responsibility of the task
  • Set up tasks and manage employees quickly and efficiently
  • Share, store and process data securely in real time

Professional mobile developers optimize, enhance, and synchronize, any process you need. All the advantages of the iOS platform and the opportunities for iPhone and iPad enhance your daily work and help you thrive.

iOS application development costs

Our company has developed mobile software since 2010. We deliver many solutions of high quality and competitive prices. However, since the final price depends on personal characteristics, it is difficult to determine the development costs. As a Lego, each project consists of a variety of bricks that together create the absolutely new and unique architecture. In the case of development, these bricks are features and design elements of the software. Depending on the functionality complexity and other development factors, costs can range from $ 15,000 to millions.

Based on the experience, the average cost of the MVP (minimum viable product) is approximately $ 40,000-60,000. Contact us and we will evaluate your project to provide you the exact price.

Mobile projects of any complexity

  • You can send notifications to your customers without using an app
  • Provide users with additional opportunities for the reservation system and payment services
  • Integrate the social environment that expands the capabilities of the company
  • Use phone opportunities such as SMS, Eat, Audio, Geolocation, etc
  • Barcode and QR code

There is little we can not develop. We will find the best digital solution for your industry.

iOS Developer Tools

We have access to high quality Apple libraries, platforms and other technologies that allow us to create compelling user experiences and incredible features.

Apple pays

Smartphone and tablet users can make payments on the iPhone and iPad in a safe, easy way. With Apple Pay, personal data is not transferred to the seller and therefore is a reliable and confidential payment method.


We can use services that include continuous access to the content and data you need from any device without notable synchronization. If it's a file, a timeline, a report, a photo, or any other file, it can give you and your team the latest version.


This tool not only simplifies but also speeds up the development of social games. Activate the number of achievements and registration, add friends, show the game leader and many other options.


The PassKit platform allows developers to build, update and distribute various types of transport in their digital representations. Therefore, in the travel industry, it may be a program that uses boarding passes, whereas for the retail industry it may be a special discount or loyalty / gift card and other types of coupons.

In-application purchases

We can develop effective transfer licensing policies for customers and application users in order to reliably pay for digital products in the iPhone program. We can implement some rewards options to sign up for duplicate content or virtual items that users can purchase.


The MapKit platform enables our iOS developers to create internal maps for your app. We can add location tag information and interesting places to the selected map coordinates and add the overlay procedure.

Protection of data

Due to built-in encryption, apps can save user files as protected encrypted formats. Keep the device from allowing potential malicious access to the file. If your project is crucial to protecting business data on iOS devices, we can implement this option in your app.


This API allows health data to be collected and assigned to iOS medical apps through user authorization. We can teach your medical plan to determine the purpose of the calories burned, provide advice on the user's diet and fulfill many of the other health-related options.

UI / UX Design

Apple provides programmers with a wide range of opportunities and tools to develop compelling user interfaces. We know how to find the balance between iOS style and business identity data in design not only to meet the needs of its customers but also to inherit the security and stability of iOS platform reputation.

We pay special attention to every detail of your design, be it color patterns or fonts, making it flawless. In addition, we focus on navigation and project intuition. The team tests user projects that match the description of the audience to see if they can quickly learn how to use the app.

Retina Display

The Retina screen inspires all iOS developers to create a compelling look that uses all the benefits of high resolution and pixel density in excess of 300 pixels per inch. This feature is our quality project. Imperceptible pixels, the skills and creativity guarantee a smooth and impressive design. Text, icons, images, and other visual elements will appear accurate and reliable. The best display balancing provides a good machine for good application development.

Cocoa touch

Our UI designers are specialists in the Cocoa development environment, skilled in the use of UIKit with an advanced programming interface to create animations with less code. As a result, our developers use the abstraction layer and the unique capabilities of iOS mobile devices. Cocoa Touch allows developers to create iOS software using Objective C runtime, Cocoa graphics controls, and Model-View-Controller (MVC) architecture.

Interface developer

The Interface Developer editor also helps the programmers create a complete user interface without additional encoding. It is part of the IDE XCode, which allows developers to create UI projects using a graphical interface with built-in objects such as tab, panel with tabs, buttons, and more. The design of the interface can be created separately from its implementation. Cocoa Touch archives the UI and connects it to the code as the application runs.

Let's work together

Our software development company provides high-tech native apps for iOS-based devices that exactly match your needs.

Contact us and we'll help you find the right solution based on your current working methods to help your workforce become more productive.