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How to create a good application

Find the Idea

Imagine how to make your smartphones and tablets for mobile devices. Think of something fascinating, something that you like and want to share with others - this can be an elegant scenario for your application. However, if your company has never been involved in any type of software development, you really need to design something specifically for your company - we are ready to generate ideas and design the best apps for any purpose.

Explore the market

When you know about the products of the future, you should conduct market research for a large audience to make sure your ideas are unique and that people really need these products for everyday use. Go to the App Store and select a category. Enter keywords related to the show topic and see the search results. See if this idea has already been implemented by others, or if there is a similar plan. If so, try to find ways to make the application special and think about the features and options that users might need.

Use an exclusive method

Of course, you can create apps similar to those already on the market. But any professional developer will tell you if you want products to be successful, find unique shapes, add new creative options, offer great design, etc. to differentiate yourself from your competitors. Only in this way, your software can reach the highest level, the best of its kind.

iPhone Application

As demand for Apple's software continues to increase, designing apps for the iPhone is a good idea. Statistics show that from the consumer's point of view, this is the market with the highest value and is also the most active. The iPhone is a high-tech device that brings together the power of camera phones, video iPods and internet devices in a single module. You can take advantage of all the benefits of this growing market and make money from your iPhone solution. At the same time, you will face fierce competition among highly specialized apps, which is why it is important to develop good products.

iPhone application development engine

The iPhone software is developed with the help of a phone software development kit, also known as Toolchain. The toolchain is a program that contains all the technology needed to design iPhone apps.

The X code is the key component. This is an integrated development environment (IDE) that performs many functions. This helps you create and manage the initial file. It also runs your programs, tests them, and helps you eliminate errors and errors.

The interface builder is a graphic designer for developing and testing user interfaces.

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Application type

You can use the iPhone manufacturer as the SDK to develop different types of apps:

  • Business & Event
  • E-commerce
  • Network
  • E-books and Education
  • Social networks
  • Multimedia, Games, and more
Plans and Prototypes

Usability and functionality are essential, but design is also important if you want to attract users. The easiest way to design a screen is to draw the initial sketch on paper or on a PC. To adapt your design to the device screen, you can choose one of the online programs to create the prototype and organize everything in the real device. It may even be possible to make it work as an actual application, click the button to activate the work link. Testing software before coding is a good opportunity.

Choose a Developer

If you have the programming experience or have enough time to master the development base, you can create your own programs as soon as you learn the recommendations from Apple or other mobile design training programs. Another option is to hire professionals who will encode painfully for research. But how to find a reliable developer, who can understand all the needs?

Where can I find the right developer?

If you have a limited budget, look for an independent developer. They are usually cheaper but you should hire better digital agencies if you need quality assurance. You can also find application design events and Internet training programs and contact the authors because they may be professional programmers familiar with your craft. Obviously, you have many opportunities.

Anyway, by choosing a developer, you should always remember the following:

  • Cheap is not always better - regardless of the suspicious results, the low cost of development services is usually just a strategy for winning bids for projects, so make sure the developers of your choice clearly understand the full scope of the project's work. project.
  • Hourly wages are quite dangerous - fix the time needed for development ahead of time to avoid unnecessary costs and expenses.
  • Focus on the team - Ask the development company about the proficiency of the people who will work on the project. If possible, take a look at your wallets and resumes.
How much does it cost to design apps for iPhone or iPad?

Organize interviews and ask questions about previous design, pricing, and projects. Look for customer feedback through specialized portals (eg clutch.co, hyllos.com, etc.) to provide this type of information. Remember, cost usually depends on the complexity of the project. If lower prices are required, provide the developer with the prepared images and design arrangements. On the other hand, if you have only a vague idea of ​​the design or want a lot of models, your budget may go up in speed.

Be rewarded

You probably design a program not only for entertainment, but also for profit. If so, it's time to think about the strategy of turning money into cash. Apple retains a third of the price, which means that if the product costs $ 3, each charge will bring $ 2. It's easy to figure out how many uploads you need, for example if $ 10,000 is spent on development, your investment will be paid after 5000th purchase.

How to determine the price of the application?

The rules of supply and demand in the mobile industry are not always valid. For example, a designer posted a rather trivial game that scored badly when it was estimated at $ 3. The developers raised the price but kept it as it was. Guess what happened? The application saw an increase in load. Sometimes, the cost will greatly affect the customer's decision to buy the product. Thus, the establishment will cover the investment price and will allow the software to end up selling.

Mobile apps and Mobile Sites

Mobile app or mobile friendly site - what do you like the most? There are many aspects of decision making, but mostly ease of use, functionality, cost, and target audience. Statistically, users prefer apps on mobile sites. This is the main reason why you create apps for the iPhone to solve new customers and retain loyal customers. However, this is not a single reason why the benefits of an application outweigh the benefits of mobile sites. There is a list that will help you understand the benefits of the application and make the right choice.

Turn off the interaction

Mobile apps offer unlimited personal opportunities - they allow you to connect with your customers through your interests, online habits, scheduling and many other things. A sophisticated iPhone application offers a great personalized user experience. It allows users to create their own preferences from scratch and provide them with adjusted content. Another benefit is that the apps you design offer a wealth of analytical opportunities - they monitor interaction and accountability with users and use them to provide personal advice and help you optimize application information on that basis.

Custom Content

Includes GPS technology for iPhone apps that identify a user's location and provide content specific to that area. Personalization not only creates the best user experience, but can also be used for other business purposes. For example, it encourages customers to get in touch with you and leverage your services. Statistics show that users who see personalized offers are more likely to show interest in products or services.

Resources for mobile site

As you can see, using the capabilities of the device, you can simplify many of the tasks performed by the user and, in turn, can help you improve the conversion rate. Mobile sites can also use iPhone hardware features such as a camera or accelerometer. However, there are some limitations to the mobile design of websites that are not a problem for mobile apps. Read here.

Design an application with a team of professionals

Speaking of mobile sites and mobile apps, the latest handset will undoubtedly be rewarded in a short amount of time. They offer more customer satisfaction opportunities, are simple to use, and provide users with the features they need.

If you have a mobile app idea and need help designing, scheduling, or optimizing, please contact us. Our experts will guide you on the ultimate commercial IT solution. Our team of designers and developers will be happy to discuss any topic related to your digital business opportunity and start working together to get the best results.

Application Promotion

There are already two million different apps in the App Store, and reaching the top is also very difficult. A great product design is the first step, but if you do not see it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and other social networks, blogs and websites, nobody knows that. If you are sure that your iPhone product is really valuable, attract famous bloggers, celebrities and friends and invite them to share hearty feedback. Other options include hiring articles that will write about your software and submitting them to blogs and forums.

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