We Turn Apple App Development Ideas Into Reality

At our software development company, we believe that the solutions we create are just the starting point. We build products that push the limits of business.

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iOS Development Services

As one of the top Apple app development companies, we have a team of perfect experts with all the skills needed to build iOS mobile products which can be identified for their simplicity, ease of use, velocity and universal look and experience. And we do all of it in-house. No outsourcing.
The Apple software can become an exclusive business brand identity. In case you are an enterprise that counts on to be taken seriously by the customers and needs to compete for their attention inside the ever-growing mobile market, you need to have an iOS utility. It is the truth, and we have the records to back it up.
  • iPhone apps help to build image of a business and ameliorate user experience;
  • Apple customers spend more money on in-app purchases increasing your income;
  • iOS apps take less time to develop than Android apps, minimising time-to-market.
At the Australian headquarters, we have the devoted specialists in the area and offer a ramification of Apple app design services all catered to your specific goals. We have released dozens of apps in the Apple Store, which are presently utilised by tens of thousands of users.

Skills and tools

Our Apple software developers have a proven set of development frameworks, tools, and practices on hand, which ensure manageability and cohesion of the implementation process — from requirements collecting to release and taking the product through the Apple review and publication routine all the way to support and maintenance of the launched products. Besides, the team builds mobile solutions porting from/to Android OS.

Development Languages

We utilize wide variety of high level programming languages, but if needed, we can integrate Assembler code as well. Our programmers are especially professional in:
  • Objective-C
  • Swift
  • C/C++
  • C#

Frameworks and Components

We use the development frameworks and platforms listed below that prove to be extremely efficient in accelerating app development process resulting in engaging and interactive apps:

  • iOS SDK
  • Xamarin
  • Unity 3D
  • PhoneGap
  • CloudKit
  • WatchKit
  • Cocoa/ Cocoa Touch
  • StoreKit
  • OpenGL
  • OpenAL
  • OpenCV
  • Cocos2d/ Cocos2d-x
  • XCTest

Development Environment

To maximise the development productivity, the developers use iOS and cross-platform IDEs, as well as code repositories, collaboration and project management tools:
  • Unity IDE
  • Xcode
  • Mono Develop
  • Atlassian JIRA and Confluence
  • SVN, Git, Mercurial

Presentation Layer

Our specialists perfectly know how to create highly usable, compelling and intuitive apps consistent in functional and visual presentation across a full range of Apple devices:
  • UIKit
  • HTML + CSS
  • OpenGL ES
  • Core Graphics
  • Quartz Core

ORMs and Databases

We use the iOS-compatible ORM instruments and databases along with proven strategies for database design.
  • SQLite
  • CoreData
  • RestKit
  • SQLCipher for iOS

Other Tools and Solutions

The set of tools and solutions below expedite the development workflow providing better control of each creation stage:
  • iOS Simulator
  • iTunes
  • AppCode
  • CocoaPods
  • ImageOptim
  • TexturePacker

Custom software development

We are a multiple department organisation with a centralised, transparent and steady control pushed by a single common aim — permitting the clients to hit their target through the cutting-edge technologies and advanced tailor-made tools we plan, create or improve.
We aim at providing the most advantageous workload breakdown and team composition at each undertaking while deliberating not only the technological element but also the suitable knowledge and experience of the team members in every separate business area.

From Apple smartphones and tablets to wearable devices and IOT programs

Powering back-end devices, Apple is blazing a fast route in taking the mobile market and already demonstrates higher monetization abilities for builders providing more targeted user engagement options than the rivalling platforms. With the debut of the Apple's wearables and some of the virtual iPhone-friendly competitors rising inside the marketplace, iOS has been striding beforehand expanding its technology footprint in the wearable tech and the IOT area. As an authorised licensee of Apple’s MFI software, our company has been assisting the businesses scope out commercial opportunities with apps for iPhone, iPad, and their wearable devices.

Apple Watch: making the most of the virtual novelty

Our developers have been toying with the Watchkit framework for some time to get the use of its functional properties and development obstacles. No matter how much there is left to polish and beautify before then, we will use this digital novice to its full ability, extending an iPhone app to the Apple watch utilising such unique functions of the wearable as glances and notifications are already the reality of today. Such limitations of the program as the absence of the compound gesture detection, unavailability of custom gesture recognizers, extraordinary screen resolutions for each watch size to code for in conjunction with unique hardware constraints best kindle our developing interest in this promising invention additionally. We take it like any other hazard to place our Objective-c and Swift capabilities into work and turn the technical challenges into possibilities.

Our partners

  • intel
  • PlayStation
  • nzmsa

Developing in the direction of contextual experiences

Integrating the Beacon technology, Apple has extensively prolonged its gadgets’ location services. Mixed with Bluetooth low energy, iBeacon provides the potential to instantly leverage “proximity context” for improved user experience. Not like GPS-based geolocation, the usage of iBeacon permits saving the tool strength, permitting more precise user targeting with a regionally-relevant content material. In case you are about to test the waters of this progressive technology, we are geared up to step up to the assignment. Our specialists can help to investigate the target market context suggesting ways for non-intrusive but attractive interaction with the users, at the same time as balancing their wishes with the need for privacy.

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Process transparency

Throughout the workflow, the development progress will usually be transparent and accessible to the client via web-based task gear for version control, feature and bug tracking, and content and expertise management.
Here, in the Australian headquarters, we practice non-stop integration so the cutting-edge code and project status may be inspected by the patron at any time. Upon the request, the team can switch to the sources and tools preferred or established on the client side.

Typically, in most cases, the workflow consists of the subsequent project stages:

  • RFP processing
  • Business analysis
  • Design
  • Development
  • First-rate warranty
  • Deployment and integration
  • Upgrade and support

Depending on the mission specifics or the client’s requirements, the levels may change the order, run in parallel, be skipped or repeated. Every phase may additionally consist of numerous iterations. An iteration is a period inside the development timeline that has a fixed goal and a described deliverable — both discussed and accredited by the client earlier. Not like project phases, iterations have a set order and cannot be interchanged or overlooked. This permits streamlining the system and preserving a logical step-by-step order of activities. Our app development company grants artefacts at the end of each iteration. Those may additionally include packages and statistics, source code, installation programs, documentation, etc. All deliverables (from source code to running installation and guides) are 100% alienable.

The custom development services assist in reaching the client's ultimate venture purpose in the most productive way and additionally limit its Total Cost of Ownership while balancing resource usage at any point of the distributed development cycle. Our Apple software development agency maintains an impartial QA crew of specialists from unique focus areas — mobile applications, computing devices and web software, firmware and embedded structures. This separation ensures higher service quality accomplished through independent strategy, focused expertise, experienced aggregation and time-proven approaches. QA professionals participate in almost every our project. We practice the on-going QA. This means that offering on-going testing coverage in parallel with the development during the entire utility development lifecycle — from requirements and earliest deliverables to the attractiveness of the final product. Non-stop QA approach — while QA engineers are assigned to initiatives from the earliest levels — brings some of the tangible benefits, both in phrases of code high-quality and cost effectiveness.

The programming and delivery of the end product are completed through a variety of tightly coordinated activities:

  • Direct design and development with the aid of in-house employees;
  • Close coordination with client’s representatives;
  • The careful choice and control of partner companies, if needed.

The experts intently monitor status and reviews risks as they may be diagnosed, every chance is tracked, and alternatives are explored and communicated. To keep the assignment on track, a weekly meeting is mounted to check risks and gain timely approvals.

Every phase of the project is driven according to the relative importance of 3 assignment management flexibility dimensions: schedule, features and price. With a purpose to achieve this goal, we start with the following assumptions concerning your priorities and versatility:

  • The schedule is obviously the least bendy dimension considering that there would be little value to a solution delivered too late.
  • The function set prescribed for the Apple solution can be particularly flexible, and feature tradeoffs can be considered so as to meet the schedule requirements.
  • To meet the timeline or preserve desired functions, cost tradeoffs can be considered.

The expert managers are checking those assumptions for the duration of the project to make sure that we are driving the mission in a manner consistent with the client’s priorities.

Expert Team for Reliable Cooperation

f you are planning on building a native Apple software with a view to delight customers and gain all the benefits of the hi-tech digital solution, search for IT company with a proven track record. Have a look at our case studies and make sure, that the products we create are truly outstanding. Do not hesitate to send us the future product description or questions. Our Customer Department specialists will get back to you within one day, following the established client service procedure and inquiry management process. Please, rest assured our team strictly observes the non-disclosure rules and IP protection. All client's private information is protected from the moment you contact us for the first time.